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Welcome to The Assassins Guild. 
Created late in 08, The Assassins Guild was created to literally assassinate dungeon bosses for gearing and leveling purposes.  The concept was that if you took a small group,( 3 to 5 rogues and druids), into a dungeon, you would be able to sneak past the guards alll the way to a boss, kill him, and sneak out without ever touching a guard.  This would allow a group to get all the gear they could want in the same amount of time it would take one group to run the same dungeon once by simply killing the boss multiple times in a short amount of time.
        With many setbacks,(no one believeing it could work), and,(those who wanted to never being the same level), it never grew to much and slowly died after the gm took a WoW break for a few months.  But towards the end of 09 the gm returned and Started again with only 1 member and slowly rebuilt the guild. After finding some dedicated members the guild started to grow rapidly. But before Assassination quests could begin, WoW instituted a new concept, Random Dungeons!  
        That being said, and with more members than anyone would count,(if the game hadn't allready done it), the guild took on a new direction towards raiding. Creating a new spawn for those leveling and not raiding, (Carpe Noctem), the guild focused on becoming a raiding guild. And with alot of teamwork and many trials,
        Welcome to The Assassins Guild!!!


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